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Transport and Logistics Risk Profile


As a transpirt and logistics provider, risks may arise from such areas as contractual obligations,work health and safety, business continuity, environmental and property management, financial and capital management and the development and use of information technology.


Alvaro's risk profile is monitored continuosly and regularly updated to reflect changes in business activities, strategies combining internal and external risk factors. The risk management and control framework is actively promoted by senior management and is founded by a combination of formal and informal controls such as; analysis, reporting, policies and procedures as well as management competence, ethics, values and accountability.


Compliance and Internal Control;


  • Business planning, budgeting and reporting; Evaluation of strategies, objectives and risks.

  • Quality and integrity of employees; Accountable performance measure, ethics and values.

  • Business control; Financial overview, business processes, project management and IT systems.


Alvaro's policy is subject to regular review and will be amended (as appropriate) to reflect best practices and ensure relevance to the group and its partners.


In-House Compliance Team;


Alvaro have a responsibility to their clients and the general public to ensure that all protocols are strictly adhered to. And that safety is above all - with an in-house Compliance Officer that completes regular audits onsite with drivers and managers to ensure their compliance and/or the need for further training.


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