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Risk Management and Compliance


Good risk management & compliance underpins any successful business and is the integral part of all management processes that flow through to the culture of our people. Alvaro encourages the active management of risk by all of their teams, supported by accountability and performance evaluation to achieve strategic and business objectives.


Success is derived from Alvaro's ability to identify key risks in a timely manner and implement appropriate strategies to manage uncertainties and minimize potential hazards. Risk Management and Compliance can be classifies as strategic, operational, financial and regulatory compliance which is built into dailky activities addressing interests of clients, employees and suppliers.


Risk Management and Compliance Team


The Alvaro Risk Managemnt and Compliance Team is responsible for providing technical advice, developing management policies and procedures on matters such as;


  • Work Health and Safety, Fatigue Management, Environmental, Heavy vehicle Compliance, Chain of Responsibility, Human Resources, Food Safety Quality and Regulatory Compliance.


Implementing risk management and compliance processes and practices is achieved through working with site managers and WH&S managers, promoting daily active management of risks and performance improvement.


Specific Responsibilites include;

  • Developing risk response processes.

  • Develeoping policy/methodology for all contracts to identify, analyse and manage material risks.

  • Maintaining Key Performance Indicators in relation to profit/loss.

  • Investigating and evaluating finacial and insurance cver to protect against accidents and loss.

  • Implementing and monitoring WH&S including injury management compliance.

  • Development of staff through the implementation of Certificate III in Transport and Distribution and Diploma in Transport and Management.

  • Ongoing evaluation and reappraisal of key risks.


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